20 January 2008

A Change of Course

Change of Course
Copyright 2008, V1VrV2

It is the ultimate irony faced by Always-in-Control pilots: You cannot plan the details of your own life, any more than you can plan to have good weather on a certain day. Even though you might have a carefully-constructed flight plan, with all the known variables accounted for, you will always be subject to the whims of weather, Air Traffic Controllers, other traffic, and circumstance. There are always re-routes.

When I began this blog, I had planned to write entries and post photos a couple times each week. No deadlines, no pressure, but semi-regularly. It worked for a while. Then life began getting in the way. Life, with all its wondrous opportunities, has kept me furiously busy. In the process, I feel like I've been getting better, stronger, wiser, and more whole. The only unfortunate part is that in pursuing all these endeavors, I'm left with little or no time to write about it all.

My personal change of course might mean cutting back on writing for a while. I promise to continue posting photos and thoughts when the mood strikes, but it might not be as often as before -- at least for little while. I have lots of thoughts to share, and lots of photos. I'll just be doling them out a little less often. Thanks for understanding.